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Course Overview

Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 Meet Your Instructors!  
Unit 2 Who is This Course For?  
Unit 3 What You Will Learn  
Unit 4 Acceptance of Terms and Conditions  
Module 2 Firearms Classification
Unit 1 Long Guns  
Unit 2 Handguns  
Module 3 Handgun Types and Operations
Unit 1 Revolvers  
Unit 2 Semi-Automatics  
Module 4 Handgun Sizes
Unit 1 Handgun Sizes  
Module 5 Proper Fit of a Handgun
Unit 1 Gun Fitting - Big Handguns  
Unit 2 Gun Fitting - Small Handguns  
Module 6 Safety
Unit 1 4 Gun Safety Rules  
Unit 2 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  
Unit 3 Firearm Storage and Transport  
Module 7 Popular Firearms
Unit 1 Popular Firearms  
Module 8 Ammunition
Unit 1 Ammunition  
Module 9 Special Licenses
Unit 1 Licenses  
Module 10 Course Recap
Unit 1 Key Takeaways  
Unit 2 Quick Feedback  
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